Two Pictures, Worth 1000 Words Each

Wishes for a wonderful Christmas and a joyous 2011 from all five of us… PS: It looks to be a girl, due sometime at the end of April or early May.

Love, Hope and Faith

5 years ago, God sent us to New York, where He had provided a job and a church home where we would learn lots of new things about life and ministry and friendship, how to serve Him and how not to serve Him. While we were there, a friend and pastor challenged us to build…

Tell me again what’s so great about winter?

This morning I woke up at 7 AM PST, handled an e-mail emergency, packed my bags and headed toward the airport, planning to grab breakfast at IHOP before turning in the rental car and catching my noon flight home. As I was about to dive into my pancakes, my phone rang and an automated voice…

Financial Crossroads

So the way it goes, from what we’ve understood, is that you go to college so you can get a good job. But you can’t go to college without debt, so you spend the first decade of your “good job” paying for college. Somewhere in there you get married, buy a house and have kids….

Christmas Across the Continent

December used to be a fairly quiet month for us, with the normal Christmas shopping, then family get-togethers the week of Christmas. Since I started this new job, December has started to mean something a little different: travel! Every year my team at work has a Christmas party, or two, usually in pretty swanky locations….