Why we love the auto wreckers

Our second car is a lease assumption — meaning, we took over someone else’s lease, in theory, to simplify the process of temporarily having a second car so that, in theory, we could walk away from it easily. This hypothesis did not prove itself out, and we often wonder why we fell for leasing again….

Before and After

I couldn’t find many before pictures of the front and back yard, which is too bad, because we did a lot of work on both. The 3-tiered garden in the back still has some rough edges, but is very impressive, and we spent a bit of money updating lights and other fixtures, as well as…

For Sale

Well it wasn’t exactly in the 6-year plan, but we weren’t really planning on that plan being set in stone anyway… So: we’re going to try to sell the house. It seems like the old proverb “strike while the iron is hot” makes sense here, and while the housing market (here in Southwestern Ontario anyway)…

On Parenting

I’ve had brewing some thoughts on parenting for some time now. There seems to be a modern pseudo-religion cropping up around the sacredness of motherhood, and the importance of doing things naturally. Now, in principle, we don’t disagree with some of the notions that are going around. Certainly being a mother, “giving” life, nurturing a…


Went to Alberta. Edmonton sucked. Calgary was nice. The mountains were nicer. It was great to see my siblings. I had a more articulate post than this, but it got deleted… stupid beta software. This was really just a vehicle for some pictures anyway: